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We believe maintaining our health is superior to treating disease and fostering a vision of a healthy, drug-free world starting with you and your children. We invite you to join us in this exciting and noble mission.

Alpine Chiropractic offers specialized chiropractic care for the entire family. We strive to provide complete care in a perfect and relaxing environment. Based on the requirement, we personalize your treatment that is well-targeted to your wellness.

Our Talented Team

Alpine Chiropractic
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Dr. James Hoffman

Educational Qualification
Dr. Hoffman received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Brockport, in New York and received his doctorate from Life University College of Chiropractic, where he graduated Cum Laude.

Chiropractic Comes to Rescue
Chiropractic has played an integral role for Dr. James Hoffman with his performance and recovery time from the injuries that he experienced while playing competitive rugby. He is dedicated to helping his patients become healthier so that they can enjoy their life and do the things that they want to without worrying about being in pain.

The Family
Husband and wife team Drs. Hoffman and McAlpine love to hike and enjoy beautiful Colorado with their two daughters and dogs. Living in Colorado has been exactly what they were hoping it would be when they moved here in July of 2004.

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Dr. Leah McAlpine

Educational Qualification
Dr. McAlpine received her Bachelor's from Hope College in Michigan and proceeded to get her doctorate from Life University located in Marietta, Georgia. She is also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Obtaining Optimal Health
Dr. Leah McAlpine comes from a family of 12 chiropractors, and chiropractic has always been a vital component of her health and well-being. The level of superior health that she experiences is directly linked to the maintenance/preventative adjustments she has received throughout her life. Her mission in practice is to help her patients achieve their optimal level of health through chiropractic.

The Family
Husband and Wife Team Drs. Hoffman and McAlpine love to hike and enjoy beautiful Colorado with their two daughters and dogs. Living in Colorado has been exactly what they were hoping it would be when they moved here in July of 2004.

Alpine Chiropractic

Kathryn Chapman, Licensed Massage Therapist

Kate has been a professional massage therapist practicing in and around the Denver Metro area since 2007. Working with clients to identify their wellness goals she takes an integrative approach to bodywork utilizing a variety of modalities. These include deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure, hot stone, cupping, and prenatal massage all of which she uses to design customized treatment plans to best meet the health needs of each unique client.

Real Stories from Happy Clients


Alpine Chiropractic

Whole Body Health
“I moved to Denver from California over a year ago, and I thought the altitude was making me tired. I was wrong. I decided to try Alpine Chiropractic as a last resort to help with my fatigue.

Within two treatments, my fatigue was gone, I was full of energy, I was using the bathroom more regularly, and I could exercise again. Jim and Leah have both been in the field of chiropractic from the onset of their lives.

Same-day appointments, friendly staff, tranquil location, personalized treatments... don't even think about going anyplace else.”

- Kristen S.

Alpine Chiropractic

Very Gentle With Our Little Ones
“My whole family now goes to Drs Jim & Leah. They genuinely care about the health of their patients. My small children started going after a referral from someone else because they seemed to be constantly ill. I thought that this was normal for small kids, but they have now been very healthy for about a year.

Drs Jim & Leah are very gentle with our little ones. Unlike the pediatrician, they love to go. My wife and I are now patients too. It was terrific that they have in-office X-ray equipment. This allowed them to understand the problems that needed to be addressed fully. I now know from talking to other people about chiropractic care that this isn't always the case. Since our whole family is seeing them, they offer a terrific family plan, which is a huge bonus on top of feeling much better.”

- Brad J.

Alpine Chiropractic

Patient for Life!
“This place is amazing! The two front office ladies are always very nice and helpful. Jim and Leah are very personable and genuinely care about you and how you're feeling. They truly try to find the root of the problem so that you can get a proper fix. The other chiropractor I used to go to just adjusted you, didn't do x-rays or other tests to evaluate what was happening. I had severe lower back pain and was just trying to get in anywhere I could. The best outcome I've ever had on a Google search! Patient for life!”

- Meghan

Alpine Chiropractic

Live Your Life Without Pain
“I have been going here for years. I appreciate the philosophy of ongoing maintenance care to maintain the progress I made under their care for some serious injuries I suffered years ago. The doctors are not pushy and just want to help you feel good and live without pain or physical limits. I appreciate that.”

- Michael B.

Alpine Chiropractic

Simply the Best!
“Alpine Chiropractic is the best! I wasn’t sure what to do after I injured my hip, and someone suggested I try chiropractic work, and I’m so happy I chose Alpine! Dr. Jim and Dr. Leah are very knowledgeable, and they each took the time to educate me on my injury and how I can help myself outside of their office. And their adjustments did wonders for me - I no longer am in pain every day! I highly recommend going to Alpine Chiropractic!”

- Anne C.