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Drs. Leah McAlpine and James Hoffman

Drs. Leah McAlpine and James Hoffman

Dr. Leah McAlpine comes from a family of 12 chiropractors and chiropractic has always been a vital component of her health and well-being. The level of superior health that she experiences is directly linked to the maintenance/preventative adjustments that she has received throughout her life.  Her mission in practice is to help her patients achieve their own optimal level of health through chiropractic.

Chiropractic has played an integral role for Dr. James Hoffman with his performance and recovery time from his injuries that he experienced while playing competitive rugby. He is dedicated to helping his patients become healthier so that they can enjoy their life and do the things that they want to without worrying about being in pain.

Husband and Wife Team Drs. Hoffman and McAlpine love to hike and enjoy beautiful Colorado with their two daughters and dog. Living in Colorado has been exactly what they were hoping it would be when they moved here in July of 2004.

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