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Education Requirements

June 26, 2013   •   Leah McAlpine, James Hoffman

The first day of summer is officially upon us, and with it, thoughts of school children with too much time on their hands immediately comes to mind. For us adults, if life were only still so simple. As professionals running a business, our Thornton chiropractic office doors must remain open of course during the summer. Unfortunately, our patient's health issues don't take a leave of absence this time of year. For the doctors at Alpine Chiropractic, summer does seem to coincide with school ironically enough. You see as licensed chiropractors, we have ongoing educational requirements that must be met every year, and this season is seminar season!

In the last month alone, your team of Colorado chiropractic doctors have attended three different seminars. We like to think of them as training camps, and they provide a wealth of knowledge. Your coaches want to share with you, our players, the latest in cutting-edge chiropractic services and new treatments. This truly is a team effort! Here is a breakdown:

  • Dr. Jim recently attended an extremity adjusting seminar focusing on foot, gait, and orthotics. Immediately, he has been able to introduce newly learned chiropractic adjustment techniques into his practice, and now his "adjusting bag" if full of effective new tools.
  • Dr. Leah just returned from a seminar in Parker further educating Denver chiropractors. Two separate courses provided an opportunity to enhance her Thompson (Drop Table) techniques. In addition, she recently completed and Advanced Activator (Clicker/Stapler) seminar that built upon her already vast Activator Technique knowledge.

To the benefit of every patient in our local chiropractic office, when school is supposed to be out, the doctors are always getting their enthusiastic minds "re-fired" and "re-aimed" towards helping new people, while enhancing the experience of current patients. Thanks to all of you for your continued trust, friendship, and loyalty. We hope you have a great summer!

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