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Dr. Hoffman Adjusted Roger Daltrey

February 6, 2017   •   Leah McAlpine, James Hoffman

Dr. Hoffman adjusted Roger Daltrey, the founding member of the Who, last March!

Roger has taken excellent care of his health. Dr. Hoffman got to meet Roger in March, 2016 when his tour with The Who brought him to Denver. The rock legend was 72-years young and in great shape! It was clear that chiropractic, healthy eating, taking good supplements, and regular exercise were life-long habits for him. When asked how long he had been getting chiropractic adjustments, he responded: “For 40 or 50 years. I have to have you guys keep me straight!” After his adjustment, he was scheduled for sessions with a reflexologist and a massage therapist. What a great example of taking good care of the gift of life!

Dr. Hoffman and Dr. McAlpine went to the show that evening and were invited backstage afterward. The show was great, with Pete windmilling and Roger still swinging the mike just like the old days. They played straight for almost 3 hours. Not bad for “seniors”!

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